Join the fight to Save Our Western Way of Life in New Mexico!

Preserving our heritage. Promoting our culture. Protecting our rights.

Our Western Heritage, our Family Values, and our Constitutional Freedoms are under attack. It's time to stand up and fight for Rural New Mexico.


Join us to Save our Western Way of Life!

Save our Western Way of Life is a grassroots movement dedicated to saving rural New Mexico and the time-honored traditions we value most.
  • 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Property Rights
  • Land Use Rights
  • Water Rights
  • Strong Family Values
Join us as we promote responsible use of New Mexico's Natural Resources!
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Farming and Ranching
  • Outfitting and Guiding
  • And much, much more
Providing voters with accurate information to hold our elected officials accountable!

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